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So, I'm pretty new to linux. I managed to install php, mysql, and apache as well as setup my domain name and what not.

Until now I thought linux would be a breeze. I'm trying to install a mail server that will allow me to receive and send mail from "". I've tried following a few postfix guides but I get lost completely.

Are there any good guides out there for beginners? And what are the recommended software packages for both receiving and sending e-mail? Thanks!

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I really like exim + dovecot for smtp, pop, and imap. – Zoredache Aug 25 '10 at 21:39

Did you follow the Ubuntu Server Guide? The Postfix + Dovecot setup is rather simple to set up (and so is the Exim one, I presume).

Also, like Andreas Rehm I want to warn you that running a secure & safe mail server is not simple without knowing how SMTP, DNS , etc. work, and what the possible pitfalls are (this is the same on Windows or any other OS!).

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I would recommend reading some articles on howtoforge.

They are easy to read and understand for beginners.

But you should start reading about security - it's not the easiest thing to have a secure server running... You need to understand what threats you need to take care of.

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