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When i install DB2 express-C in windows xp platform, the command windows cann't display correct chinese character, replace with wrong code display such as "??##".

How can i fix it.

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Windows Console windows don't support UTF-8. They can only show the "OEM" codepage, like in MS-DOS, or - rarely - UTF-16 Unicode.

You can try using this command

C:> chcp 65001
before running your program - 65001 is the "codepage" for UTF-8. But this is kind of an ugly hack, and only affects the window it's executed on.

share|improve this answer has all of their publicly available patches listed at this FTP site. No log in is necessary.

IBM is pretty good about getting language packs out. It is, however, a pretty large ftp site. You may want to start in the software section.

Good luck.

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Also, in addition to the poster above, if you choose the wrong font for your console, then you are limited in the display of characters. Use a commercial unicode font and you should have little trouble (but be aware that some "hand-coded" fonts maynot have all character positions filled in).

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The default font, Lucida Console, has a pretty rich selection of Unicode characters. – grawity Jun 2 '09 at 6:45

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