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We have SBS 2008 running Exchange 2007. Our clients are running Outlook 2007.

For one user there are items in the Outbox that are not sending, they're just sitting there. If I try to delete them, nothing happens. No error message. I have full control over the mailbox (thus why I'm able to see it) so I should be able to delete them.

On the server-side, no errors appear in Event Viewer and we've been sending/receive other emails no problem all day/night.

Any idea what would cause this? Thanks in advance.

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OST corruption can cause this, which is solved by deleting the OST and letting a new one resync. The act of deleting the OST may also delete the hung messages too, if they did not have a chance to sync up to the server yet.

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Turn off cached mode, move/delete the OST, restart, see if in the outbox, shouldn't be, turn back on cached mode.

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