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In the past (with windows XP) we have used the Altiris Deployment Console 6.9 SP3 to remote control our users machines. Since windows 7 has been released and deployed the remote control no longer works on windows 7. Symantec are not going to support this on the 6.9 X versions. I am not going to go to version 7 (because it does not support PXE). Does anyone know of any free/cheap solutions to remote control workstations runing windows 7 where you can see a list of devices and maybe even search for a username that is logged on to find that machine (nice to have but remote control with a list of machine names is enough) Thanks

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I have used : and it works well.

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Here's some software I've used:
Goverlan : (Remote control, pushes the client) Good but not free.
Uvnc : (Freeware remote control)
Lansweeper : (Currently using this combined with uvnc/lansweeper remote control), I search the logged on user from the Lansweeper webinterface and launch the remote control to his computer.

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Is the lansweeper/UVNC option free? How do you find it? – JohnyV Aug 31 '10 at 22:46
Don't think so, we are using the premium version of Lansweeper. With this you don't have to install the remote control software on the client, it pushes it automatically. – WilfriedVS Sep 1 '10 at 14:08

I really like Vision App for remote desktop organization and access.

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