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I made some changes on my file on CentOS. After making the changes, I attempted restarting the sendmail and I got this error.

554 5.0.0 QueueDirectory (Q) option must be set

I then undid the changes I made and I was still getting the same error. Please what could the problem be?

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This doesn't answer your specific question, but it's a good argument for keeping your configuration files under version control, using for example something like git + Because it's pretty likely that you missed undoing something, or maybe your file was changed in between the last time someone generated from it and your edits. – mattdm Dec 4 '10 at 4:54
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On CentOS 5.5, you'll want to look at /etc/mail/ and make sure that the following option is set:

# queue directory
O QueueDirectory=/var/spool/mqueue
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