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I would like to manage subdomains exclusively through .htaccess.

I am able to catch subdomains that I set up - for example, support.testsite.com - currently, I redirect that to testsite.com/support.

What I would like to do is retain the subdomain, even after the redirect - so support.testsite.com seems to stay in the address bar for the user, even though it is actually located at testsite.com/support.

Should I maintain another .htaccess file in /support that rewrites the address?


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You need to setup reverse proxy in the virtual domain support.testsite.com.

Load following modules into your apache: mod_proxy, mod_proxy_http

ProxyPass / http://testsite.com/support/
<Location />
  ProxyPass / https://testsite.com/support/

Just a warning: expect some fiddling around making your application work correctly behind reverse proxy - some more reading can be found on mod_proxy_html apache docs and mod_proxy_html homepage.

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