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I am working on one web application. The project located on my linux box i.e. server. We are remotely accessing this machine from windows.

I am using xdebug for debugging alongwith Eclipse PDT. xdebug is installed on my server. Below configuration are set in php.ini file ( which is located on server ) :

xdebug.remote_log = /tmp/xdebug.log

After doing the above configuration setting in php.ini for xdebug, its allowing only one host this time ( i.e.

Here my question is I wanted to allow for multiple hosts. I know in zend debugger there is one configuration parameter present which does this i.e.


Whether this parameter present in xdebug ? so that i can able to allow multiple hosts to have access to server remotely.



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up vote 0 down vote accepted set up a DGP proxy..

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Thanks....provided info helps me lot... – user52534 Sep 1 '10 at 8:05

xdebug also supports multiple hosts you have to set remote_host setting like following


I have used only one host at a time without changing the host in .ini hope it will help.

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