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Since Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 everytime you open a console program, the system opens another process called conhost.exe, to apply windows themes and enable the drag&drop functionality to that console window.
Provided that on a server system windows themes are disabled, that I won't ever use the drag&drop functionality, that each of this process takes at least 2 MB of RAM and, most important, according to sysinternals process explorer each conhost.exe process has more than 2500-3000 context switches per second (thus reducing the performance of the whole system), I would like to restore the old behaviour of windows 2008/vista and disable conhost.exe entirely.
Any ideas?

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it isn't possible: from

ConHost represents a permanent change in the way that console application I/O is handled. There is no registry key or group policy setting that can force Windows to revert back to “legacy mode” console behavior.

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Thx Micro$oft i had limit on one VPS to 70 process so time to move to linux bacause 20 conhost.exe is tooomuch – Userpassword Jan 19 '14 at 13:45

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