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Do you know linux distribution for mail server? Im looking something like complex management mail server: mailserver, gui, AV, antispam, web stats + spam stats.

I know i can install pf/exim+webmin but is there complete distribution that has everything i want just after install?


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You might also consider taking a look at SME Server, very flexible with a fairly good range of additions (different webmails, utilities, etc.) which can be installed on top of the base server.

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Try this community version & you can install clamAV etc.

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Are there any email/spam stats? And why do you prefer Zimbra? – skomak Sep 1 '10 at 13:59

You're going to have a hard time finding a distribution dedicated exclusively to e-Mail, as there's not much point when you can simply install the software on top of any distribution.

QMAIL Toaster is a software collection meeting your specifications.

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You can also look at

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Take a look at: iRedMail OS

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