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I'm trying to choose a antivirus solution for tiny non-profit organization (5 workstations, no server).

Is it possible to buy licenses and run Microsoft Forefront Client Security Agent on these workstations? $12/year per device license is a good price.

But if I have to purchase Management console for $1000, which reporting features I don't need, and a server, it won't make any sense.

Microsoft Security Essentials would suffice, but it's impossible to buy it for non-personal use - and free license does not allow it.


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Slightly related question here, in case it's got anything you can use… – Kara Marfia Sep 2 '10 at 19:46
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Microsoft Security Essentials is available for small business use on up to 10 clients since, well, quite recently.

From the current license agreement:

  • Small Business
    • If you operate a small business, then you may install and use the software on up to ten
      (10) devices in your business.
  • Restrictions
    • The software may not be used on a device running an
      enterprise version of a Microsoft
      Windows operating system.
    • The
      software may not be used on devices
      owned by government or academic

Have you looked into purchasing your software from TechSoup? In my work with non-profits, I've found them to have very competitive prices on Microsoft (and other) software. You do have to go through the hassle of helping them verify your non-profit status, but after that, it's fairly easy to order.

With regards to your specific question, I'm afraid I don't have any experience with MS Forefront.

TechSoup is fine in US, but for my country (Poland) it's offer is much more limited. I can't get Forefront from this program. – Tometzky Sep 3 '10 at 11:41

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