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I'm getting this error on all my clients, debian and CentOS, where the line number depends on which case is selected for the OS;

err: Could not run Puppet configuration client: Invalid parameter stage at /etc/puppet/manifests/nodes.pp:32

The server is CentOS 5.4 with packages from the epel-puppet repos;

# rpm -qa | grep puppet

The clients are;

# rpm -qa | grep puppet

and my code to bootstrap the puppet install in nodes.pp looks like this;

node default {
        include puppet
        if versioncmp($puppetversion, '2.6.0') < 0 {
                        case $operatingsystem {
                                CentOS: {
                                notice('In the centos cases')
                                        file { "/etc/puppet/puppet.conf":
                                                owner => root,
                                                group => root,
                                                mode => 644,
                                                source => "puppet:///bpcommon/basenode/etc/puppet/puppet-
**line 32                               }
                                debian: {
                                        file { "/etc/puppet/puppet.conf":
                                                owner => root,
                                                group => root,
                                                mode => 644,
                                                source => "puppet:///bpcommon/basenode/etc/puppet/


any suggestions what the error is about, I am guessing that the server is providing a stage parameter which the client is rejecting. but I was under the impression the server should work with older clients..

This was working well with back-version puppet clients on debian puppet clinet version 0.24.5-3

now everything has stopped working 0.24 and 0.25 clients.

I presume it is an incompatibility problem between the 2.6.0 stage functionality and backversion, but I seem to have done something to trigger it.

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Sorry for the random commentary, but your question title made my day. Puppet is the best IT term since 'zombie'. – Kara Marfia Sep 2 '10 at 18:28
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This is actually a bug, and there is a patch available in a testing branch;

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