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Does WebSphere 6.1 (not the ND edition) support the creation of a server group/cluster with multiple nodes possibility spanning across multiple machines. The idea is to create a horizontal cluster for load-balancing and fail-over support. Some previous versions of WAS supported this out-of-the-box through an advanced admin. console but what about this version.

The Base Edition of WAS allows the creation of multiple WAS instances but what about the creation of clusters?

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Sorry to tell you that bud, but as far as i know - only ND allows you to do clustering from the WAS perspective. If you want a failover, just create dmgr profile and add node. That should not be a problem since in 6 and above you don't need any additional software - it's just another profile. But if you don'w want to do this, you may think about doing a failover on the different level, for example on F5 or something like that. It's not the sam, but in some cases might work.

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You can use edge level load balancing/fail over with the IBM Load Balancer and the IBM HTTP Server-Plugin. However more sophisticated clustering (session failover, etc.) is only available in ND. – Marcel Friedmann Oct 10 '14 at 14:12

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