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When we boot up a Ubuntu CD, it will first pop-up a language selection screen and let us choose a language.

Then, it will show us a list of options that we can do using this CD:-

  1. Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer
  2. Install Ubuntu
  3. ...
  4. Boot from first hard disk

I plan to modify the Ubuntu CD's iso image and create a customized installation CD. For example, i want the CD to automatically choose English as the default language without showing the selection screen.

I also plan to modify the text in the list of options to:-

  1. Boot Ubuntu Live CD
  2. Install Ubuntu into this PC
  3. Exit

Is it possible to customize these boot screens in the Ubuntu iso image and create a new installation CD?

Can anyone give me some advices how can I do this?

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This may have been better on – Zoredache Sep 4 '10 at 5:08
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The menu you see is actually just grub. You'll probably want to look at the Ubuntu documentation for creating your own LiveCD; you'll probably want to edit the grub configuration files, which should be located in /boot/grub or something similar (the configuration is called either menu.lst or grub.conf).

Configuration help for grub can be found via the Google. :)

Good luck!

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This is actually going to be a lot trickier then you expect, as you will have to modify the boot CD, which I believe uses CramFS, and you will have to rebuild said CD each time a new version of ubuntu comes out.

This link is a guide on how to automate the install program

You may also find this tool handy

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