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when i am connecting to VNC server using wine on linux

$ wine vncviewer.exe

i have to enter:

VNC Server:


and then, when i connect, on top there is txt: (

mine question is: how to connect using vncviewer ?

what to put in VNC_VIA_CMD ?

$ export xlocalPort=1234

$ export xremoteHost=

$ export xremotePort=5900

$ export xgateway=

$ export VNC_VIA_CMD="/usr/bin/ssh -f -L $xlocalPort:$xremoteHost:$xremotePort $xgateway sleep 20"

$ vncviewer $xremoteHost -via $xgateway

and i get error:

unable connect to socket: Connection refused (111)

i was trying to help myself with page

Please help, couse i need to use "native" linux vncviewer installed by

$ yum install tigervnc

tigervnc.i686 0:1.0.90-0.13.20100420svn4030.fc13


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What exactly is your question? e.g., "How do you connect via a proxy using tightvnc...?" – Andrew M. Sep 5 '10 at 2:45
yes Redmumba, how do you connect via a proxy using tightvnc from linux. when i am working with wine and win version of vncviewer, than it works fine... maybe i just mix server names and ports in VNC_VIA_CMD ? – Darkoni Sep 5 '10 at 3:28

Have you tried:

$ vncviewer -via $xgateway $xremoteHost

...instead? Order matters in Linux.

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