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how can i get a file or directory to be owned by two people? (have read/write permissions) i understand this involves groups, so i added user www-data to group user, then did

chown www-data:user dir

but i am not getting the effect i want.

more details: all my web projects are rooted in drop box. i work in a windows environment, change files, and 10s later they're updated on the linux machine via dropbox. for directories/files that need write access, i do:

chown www-data:www-data dir

BUT then dropbox loses the ability to update that file, i think it's because user is no longer an owner of that file.

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You probably want to do:

chown <user-account>.<shared-group> <dir>

And add both users to the 'shared-group' group.

(You just had the order of the group/user accounts reversed)

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