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Is it possible to Link two user accounts to the same exchange mailbox ? (exchange 2003)



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No, but you can give other users the rights to access it and/or send messages as the owner.

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Thanks, is it possible to have an alias for the mailbox username e.g. alex thomas or alexthomas ? – Alex Sep 7 '10 at 8:07
If you're talking about an alternate SMTP address, yes, you can have as many as you want. – Massimo Sep 7 '10 at 10:00

Not that I'm aware of i.e. in Active Directory/Exchange there is a one to one mapping between user accounts and exchange mailboxes

But you can give more than one user access to the same mailbox. So that if your aim is to allow multiple users to view and interact with the mail that is possible.

  • When I do this I set up a new account with a mailbox e.g.
  • I set a v. complex account password that never expires (you never need to log on as this user)
  • Then I give the appropriate AD usergroup (but you could do individual users) access to the mailbox. I tend to give full access but you can be more restrictive
  • Then in each users Outlook profile go to Tools > Accounts > select the MS Exchange account of the user and click change
  • Click More settings
  • Select the advanced tab
  • Click Add
  • type in the mailbox name in this case MyResource

In Outlook the user will now see Mailbox - [User], Any PST archive and Mailbox - MyResource

This keeps that mailbox separate from their own mail. If you just want people to see inbound mail and you don't mind about duplication of effort you can create a distribution group with the email address but UserA still sees a mail as unread even if UserB has actioned it.

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