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I have two systems and I need to setup a folder on one of them that is completely read/write-able by the other.

1) How do I setup NFS on the server(s)? It is not installed as an available filesystem/module.
2) Where should I place this folder / what is the conventional place for locating such shared folders?

This is a RHEL5 system.

Error with setting up NFS.

This is what I did on server1 on which I want to share a local folder with server0

  1. In /etc/exports , I added

  2. mkdir /home/els1-share

  3. Enabled nfs and portmap through

  4. Started services:

/etc/init.d/portmap start
Starting portmap: [ OK ]

/etc/init.d/nfs start
Starting NFS services: [ OK ]
Starting NFS quotas: [ OK ]
Starting NFS daemon: [ OK ]
Starting NFS mountd: [ OK ]

Now, on server0, I did
1. mkdir /home/els1-share
2. mount /home/els1-share

which timed out with:
mount: mount to NFS server '' failed: System Error: Connection timed out.

The IP addresses have been obfuscated, otherwise the output is exact.

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yum -y install nfs-utils portmap

Prepare and modify /etc/exports for sharing files, that would similar to as shown below


/home/NFS-share */26(rw,sync)


service portmap start

service nfs start
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Hi - this is on the server on which the folder exists locally? What do I have to do on the server which is accessing this share? – TWord Sep 7 '10 at 17:39
if you have nfs server and you have share /data folder which you want to mount to so run the following command $mount /nfs-data and then df -h… – Rajat Sep 7 '10 at 17:58
Hi. It didnt quite work... can you have a look at the edit please? – TWord Sep 8 '10 at 7:18
@TWord: Do you have a firewall enabled? Check out the output of "iptables -vL" -- also if you have SELinux enabled (check that with "getenforce"), it can deny all sorts of things. – Janne Pikkarainen Sep 8 '10 at 7:46
Hi Janne - it gives a lot of output / what exactly should i be looking for? This is on RHEL5. – TWord Sep 8 '10 at 8:01

the common placement of NFS exports is outside any os controlled areas ( /usr /etc /var ) usually in another area called /exports

If you are automounting home directories under /home this will change your placement.

Usage of the showmount -e to verify is very helpful.

Enjoy. fe007

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Make sure you have also started nfs and portmap on the client. To test NFS works, turn of the firewall on both servers temporarily if possible with the command:

service iptables stop
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woah... would doing "service iptables start" get things back to normal?? – TWord Sep 8 '10 at 8:43

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