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I am purchasing an anit-virus for a small network ( 10 servers about 15 workstations ), all windows at the moment. I have looked at a few anti-virus comparison sites, but many of them seem rather sketchy.

Which anti-virus comparisons sites are the most trustworthy?

Which do you use?

I want to add that I need this for a small business network, so I need some kind of central management system.

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I use Microsoft Security Essentials - free and seems to hog less resources than any other AV I've used. – Mitch Miller Sep 7 '10 at 23:12
MSE is good for a free/home product, but unfortunately doesn't have any type of centralized management options or other features that even a relatively small network would find useful. – nedm Sep 7 '10 at 23:30
nedm, you are right, central management is a requirement for me. I use MSE on some personal systems and recommend it. – railmeat Sep 7 '10 at 23:47
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I can't compare any comparison sites for you, but there have been plenty of discussions on this site about different antivirus products, which I guess is another way of saying 'this one.'

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Hands down:

They do a good job of testing many products and have both Retrospective and On-Demand scanning tests.

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I realize I'm responding to a late thread, but I've had good luck with Symantec Endpoint Protection deployments. At home I use Microsoft Forefront, but mostly because I have a TechNET subscription.

I suppose it would depend on what features you're looking for. Single management point? Outbreak prevention? Symantec also offers a firewall built into the Endpoint Protection package. Fortunatly, one can create a custom install package without the firewall in it.

I manage the Windows firewall via GPO, and have the SEP client deployed both through GPO and WDS.

That, and licenses can be picked up from Newegg.

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