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I have an FTP folder and when a user uploads a file, I'd like to receive an email. Is there a daemon that will do that?

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You can do something like it's suggested on this question.

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Agreed - I was going to suggest something using inotify... – EEAA Sep 8 '10 at 4:16

I usually leave a tail -f running against a log in a terminal for situations like that.

You could configure logtwatch to watch the log for a string and e-Mail. Also, more recent versions of syslog-ng support similar functionality.

Additional solutions could include a host based IDS or the Linux auditing system. However, host IDS are typically not realtime and auditd/auditctl does not provide anything that the log solutions would not for this particular application.

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Recent versions of ProFTPd include a ftpmail module which might do exactly what you asked for.

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You could use incron for that purpose, which will use the inotify API of the Linux kernel.

You can create a rule which sends a mail to you every time a file is created (or modified, or deleted, or accessed...) in a certain directory.

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