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Possible Duplicate:
Connecting Linux system to switch from 2 interfaces

To get proper redundancy, we've installed 2 switches in our network and connected them to eachother. We now want to hook our servers to both switches. Since all servers have 2 ethernet ports, this should be possible.

The big problem is that we want to do this using just 1 IP address per server. Does anyone know how to configure Linux (and Windows too actually) so it supports this, at the same time avoiding any form of looping ?

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For Linux look at the Linux Ethernet Bonding Driver

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What youre looking for is a type of NLB or "teaming". There are a variety of third party alternatives - most implemented by the MFG. I'd take a look at your MOBO's website for any multi-home/teaming tools. Compatibility with the switches is going to be your biggest hurdle.

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If you dont want to configure the Switches you can try the Mode 5 or balance-tlb.

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