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If you have (say) 10 transaction log backups and some, all or none may have been restored to the database. Is there a way to determine which files have already been restored?

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You will want to match up the first/last lsn from running RESTORE HEADERONLY FROM DISK = N'E:\PathToBackup\test.trn' WITH NOUNLOAD

With the LSN info from dbcc log (mydb)

The LSN from the dbcc command needs to be converted to be usable however. For example, if you have an LSN from the dbcc log command that looks like 00000014:00000157:0003 you would need to do the following:

left(convert(int, 0x00000014) * 1000000, 6) +
right(convert(int, 0x00000157) + 1000000, 6) +
right(convert(int, 0x0003) + 1000000, 5)

Note: There is a little bit of debate out there about how to convert this properly, and the solution above is a bit of a hack. The best way is with the UDF in this KB article.

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Fantastic! This looks like exactly what I need – David Hayes Oct 15 '10 at 15:54

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