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I had an HP proliant server go down recently. All of the sudden the sas controller (e200i) would not see any of the physical disks. New disks were detected just fine. I thought it was odd that all 6 disks would go down at one time so sent them to a data recovery firm to find out what happened. I'm being told that, somehow, all of the disks were spontaneously password protected. These are Hitachi 2.5" drives and I guess this is something of a known issue. The company has worked for a while to try and recover them, with no luck. Has anyone had experience with this? Any recommendations for how to recover the drives or a company that might have the expertise to do so?

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"I guess this is something of a known issue" to who? Hitachi? If so, contact them? – Chris Thorpe Sep 10 '10 at 0:26
Are you sure that the people are correct, because this sounds like a lot of old... uh how can I put this... – RobM Dec 31 '10 at 18:10

The E200i doesn't support, even with the latest firmware, self-encrypting disk functionality - in fact there's no option within the management tools or APIs to handle encrypting disks, even if the disks themselves were these types - and I doubt they are because they're a specialist part that cost more and you'd only order them if you know you could manage that additonal functionality.

Sorry but I'm a HP and storage geek and I call bullshit on their excuse.

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Strange how the "data recovery firm" can't recover the data. As far as I know, the data is not encrypted on the drive, so they should be able to recover it. Call up a few other firms and ask them if they can extract data from password locked drives.

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