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Is it possible to upgrade from PostgreSQL 8.3.x to 8.4.x without downtime? We have a warm standby configuration with WAL shipping so we have the option upgrade the standby first, but WAL shipping does not apparently work from a 8.3.x primary to a 8.4.x slave or vice versa. Any suggestions would be appreciated as we have a mission critical app.

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A dump/restore using pg_dump is required for those wishing to migrate data from any previous release.

In general, log shipping between servers running different major PostgreSQL release levels will not be possible.

The only other option I see is which links to:

Other than that, I imagine you could put the database in read-only mode and perform the upgrade on the standby or another server.

I hope you well-tested this critical app on 8.4 already :)

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A zero downtime upgrade between major releases requires some sort of logical replications. – eradman Jan 19 '15 at 17:49

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