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I've added a new user to my MySQL 5.1 server on a fresh installation of Fedora 13 and set its password. (Using SET PASSWORD FOR USER myuser = PASSWORD('...')), but MySQL only accepts the user when I'm using an empty password to log on.

In other words: When I enter the correct password, I get an access denied error. When I use an empty string, it get in.

Things I tried:

  • Changing the password and changing it back.
  • Recreating the user.
  • I verified that changing the password actually modifies the password hash in the user table.
  • It makes no difference if I connect from the command line (mysql -u myuser -p) or from phpMySQL.
  • I experimented with different hostnames (myuser, myuser@localhost, myuser@'%')

Is there any configuration option which might trigger this behaviour?

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Could be you did not flush the privileges

flush privileges
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That was exactly the problem. I guess if I'd just had rebooted the workstation, like I'd almost automatically do on a Windows box, it'd work, too :) – Daniel Rikowski Sep 10 '10 at 20:24

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