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I've been doing some work on one of our school's servers (as a student), and I've been having some trouble scp-ing files in and out. Trying to push/pull a file from the server while logged in on my local machine

user@localHost$ scp <user>@<schoolServ>:<file> .

doesn't work and causes the terminal to hang indefinitely. However, I have no problems ssh-ing to the remote machine, and trying the transfer from the other direction

user@schoolServ$ scp <file> <user>@<localHost>:~/.

works fine. I've tried three different machines (OS X & Linux) to no effect. Any ideas what might cause this to happen?

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Scp might have a verbose option, try that and see what it shows. I had a similar issue once and turned out that some commands in .profile or .bashrc on the target machine were writing out a blank line with non printing chars. That caused an issue with the ssl handshake

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Aha! Bingo! Somehow a .rc file got configured to initialize everything for csh, then threw it all away to start up bash which messed everything up. Found & nuked the offending line, and everything works fantastically now. Thanks! – Connor Glosser Sep 11 '10 at 3:44

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