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I try to made vlan-bridge on ubuntu 10.4, because I like to run ebtables on every vlan ports.

I create a script to make this job easier:

    $DEV  ="lan.180"   # vlan
    $VDEV ="brlan180"  # vlan-bridge
    $IP   ="" 
    $MASK =""

    ifconfig $DEV

    brctl addbr $VDEV
    brctl addif $VDEV $DEV

    ifconfig $DEV
    ifconfig $VDEV $IP netmask $MASK
    ifconfig $VDEV up

after i execute the script, brctl show the brigde

bridge name     bridge id               STP enabled     interfaces
brlan180        8000.0026b9847***       no              lan.180

and dmesg show the state of the bridge

[356192.560351] vlan180: port 1(lan.180) entering learning state
[356203.504216] vlan180: no IPv6 routers present
[356207.537207] vlan180: port 1(lan.180) entering forwarding state

But, there is no response when I ping the member of the network

From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable
From icmp_seq=460 Destination Host Unreachable

The iptables is accepting all input, accepting all forward, and i got net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1 in sysctl

  • What did I missed?
  • Should vlan port being up first or bridge first?
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Could you see if the $DEV is actually up? I'm not sure bringing the bridge up brings up the members.

ifconfig $DEV up

instead of ifconfig $DEV

Are you sure the vlan tags are accepted by the network? Does it work without bridging?

Also, iptables and ip_forward are the layer above, bridging is happening at layer 2 so it shouldn't influence bridging.

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Thank's. ifconfig $DEV up really do the magic. The reason i turn the vlan to vlan-bridge because I want to had layer2 filters. Vlan tags are works on my network, I need the bridge just for precautions. – Ta Coen Sep 11 '10 at 5:09

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