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Unix Power Tools -book recommends to use the following command if you do not want to get any notification of running process

stty -topstop


stty -topstop

Both commands give me

stty: illegal option -- topstop
usage: stty [-a|-e|-g] [-f file] [options]

How can you use the command in OS/X's Zsh?

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This does not seem to be a zsh issue. This is an issue with the specific implementation of the command stty on your system.

To investigate a new command, remember:

 $ man [command]

There are also manual pages online, so if your particular system does not have the man pages installed, you can still get the needed info.

Many modern utilities have built-in help info. Try

$ [command] -h 


$ [command] --help

to figure out what options the [command] you're interested in has on your system.

I am also suspecting that you have a typo. Do you really mean "topstop"? This does not seem to be a valid option.

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Before running the command, you must tell zsh to unlock your terminal:

ttyctl -u
stty -tostop
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I get the same error message. -- I need to try your code in Ubuntu. It will likely work. – Masi Jun 3 '09 at 12:36

stty doesn't seem to have a -topstop option; is it supposed to be -tostop? Use

man stty

for details on the stty command and its options.

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