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I want to run my own nameserver for all my domain and client. Now I have a very small OpenVZ VPS which can run debian or centos.

Now I am a windows user, so I am not that good with SSH and text files, I really prefer a GUI.

I am looking for a small application that has a GUI for only doing DNS and nameserver, and only the stuff that is needed.

I looked at solutions such as virtualmin and kloxo but they come packed with email solution, webservers, databases, and all sort of things I do not need.

I only want to create my nameservers, and add my domains and point them to the web hosting servers.

Note: I prefer a free package

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If you're looking for a GUI interface on a box that small, your best option may be to install something like webmin and use the web-based interface to perform your management tasks. Webmin has a DNS management module that will handle the BIND DNS server configuration for you.

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Cool this works great, much lighter that virtualmin! – Saif Bechan Sep 12 '10 at 3:13

By far the most popular free DNS package out there is BIND from the ISC. Since it uses flat files, which you want to avoid, you can take a look at all of the free GUI tools for managing a BIND DNS server.

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