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On Windows, is there an easy way to determine which process is currently accessing the network? The wifi icon is always lit(telling me it is transferring sth.), I am curious what process is causing this.

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shouldn't this question be asked on SuperUser ! – Manaf Abo.Rous Sep 12 '10 at 6:43
@Echo Lu - I agree with Manaf, throw a block of code in your question so it doesn't get close. Knowing how to find this information is useful to windows programmers in some cases. – JMC Sep 12 '10 at 6:55

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There's a number of ways how to do that.

One is you use WireShark, another is tcpview (quick link:

WireShark gives you more info, but is not as easy to use as tcpview.

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A packet sniffer like wireshark is useful if you want to see exactly what is going on, but if you just want to see what process is using data then netlimiter ( is very useful. The free monitor version should work fine.

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