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I am facing a company that have a fairly recent Microsoft Dynamics NAV (C/Side) setup that comes with a non-SQL storage system called the native database server. I would need to be remotely connect to this database, and perform what would equate to SQL queries with very modest needs (no join, no complex filtering).

I am rather ignorant of this technology, does someone knows to how make remote queries to this ERP?

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Joannes - Were you able to find out if you had an ODBC driver available in your installation media? – mfinni Sep 24 '10 at 15:31

Doing some quick Googling, it appears that there is an ODBC provider for C/SIDE. I have no idea if the version of it that you have has an ODBC driver available - but if it does, then that is how you should do it.

That's how you generally make remote (or even local) DB connections on Windows - the first place to look, if you're not sure, is to find related ODBC software.

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