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I am dealing with a barrel of weasels on this one. Ad agency registered the domain in mid-August with Network Solutions. 72 hours ago I updated the DNS to point to a host provided by an associate of the client whose credentials are dubious.

The DNS servers are at NETSONIC.NET (NS1 and NS2) and respond to ping no problem.

I can FTP to the server using its IP but the name is no go. The name is also no go for tracert and ping:

tracert voodoobbqfranchise.com
Unable to resolve target system name voodoobbqfranchise.com.

ping voodoobbqfranchise.com
ping: unknown host voodoobbqfranchise.com

I called NetSol and of course their tier one guy swears it must be the host but I insist that an unknown host must be a NetSol issue. Otherwise we'd get somethng like an httpd_conf error after being routed to the Netsonic server.

Am I right? Is this an issue at the registrar?



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This is not really an SO question. But, neither ns1.netsonic.net nor ns2 are serving DNS queries for voodoobbqfranchise.com. If you dig voodoobbqfranchise.com @ns1.netsonic.net you will see you get a REFUSED error. So it's neither the webhost nor the registrar's fault. –  bobince Sep 13 '10 at 20:36
Sorry to be out of place. If it is neither the host nor the registrar where is the issue? –  jerrygarciuh Sep 13 '10 at 20:44
Bad settings at host. Edit by host fixed this. Thanks for looking. –  jerrygarciuh Sep 13 '10 at 21:33

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This turned out to be an error in the DNS settings at the host.

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