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I have a database with some MyISAM tables. The tables contain foreign key relationships, but they are not inherently "enforced" (I believe "referential integrity" is the term).

Using PHPMyAdmin, what I'd like to do is be able to view records from the tables but have all foreign keys replaced by whatever value they are representing.

Eg, instead of seeing:

23 | 14 | $6.50

I'd like to see..

Extra Large | Thin Crust | $6.50

($6.50 would be an editable field, the first two fields would not be).

Any helpers? Thanks.

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Thanks for everyone's help - I ended up writing a standard query in PHPMyAdmin that included all fields I needed, I then exported the result to an Excel spreadsheet, made the edits there, deleted the columns I no longer needed, saved it as a csv, then imported it back in.

I am mighty surprised to learn that PHPMyAdmin does not seem to have a quick and easy way to replace foreign keys with their representational values!

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