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I'm running a basic WordPress site on a GoDaddy Grid Hosting account and the load times are just terrible (5-15 seconds). I'm considering moving it to an older GoDaddy account I have that still uses standard shared hosting, which seems a lot faster, but all of the research I've done points to grid hosting being better. Is this just my account, or has anyone else experienced this? Grid was just as slow when I tried running PHPBB on it as well.

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We've got Wordpress running on Media Temple with their entry-level grid account. Works really well. I'm sure there's some other good ones out there as well who take their hosting accounts much more seriously than GoDaddy, and probably for the same cost or even less.

I've also had great luck with Stable Host, but don't use wordpress on that so I can't comment as far as performance goes. For support response and uptime, they're one of the best I've ever dealt with.

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GoDaddy is not exactly famous for his hosting service, so maybe it could be their fault.

I have not direct experience with something like your situation but maybe the best thing to do is to search for another grid hosting service which offers a free trial and do some benchmarks.

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If you're expected to install your own software there's a good possibility that no PHP accelerator was installed (though that is but one of many possible issues).

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