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My apologies for my English, I need small help here I have Cent OS 5.X where I need to set-up a DNS server but I don't have public IP address, using I have to set-up the same and host website.

from ISP i get dhcpd ipaddress

if any one has any documents on the same please share with us.

Thanks a ton!!

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I use Debian, but these package names might get you started:

ddclient - address updating utility for dynamic DNS services ddns3-client - Issues dynamic DNS v3 requests ez-ipupdate - client for most dynamic DNS services inadyn - client to alleviate the requirements for an Internet name ipcheck - client to register your dynamic IP address

I'm sure one of those is available on CentOS. All you'll have to do is configure the client with your username and password. Since I use pfSense, I use TSIG:

Let me know if you have any follow up questions once you install a dyndns client.

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