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So I registered a domain name through google, and I'm going to set up a small server through rackspace's cloud servers.

I'd prefer to keep my email going to google apps, rather than have to have my cloud server handle the mail.

There's a line in my domain services section that has this:

host: mail address: record type: cname

Do I just leave that line in?

So does email just get sent to I mean generally speaking if I sent an email to, does it really just send it to Or am I confused or something.

Also, how could this potentially affect sending mail from the cloud server?

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You should let Google handle the mail reception / sending if your cloud should not take care of it.

The MX DNS type is specific to mail and conveniently indicates (with priorities) which server will actually handle mail reception for a given domain. Thus avoiding the need to specify a mail server / subdomain. But it may work also without the mail. prefix, if the host has a valid IP address and accepts mail for that domain.

But usually MX entries are created in DNS to specify that will handle the mail for the domain. It makes things easier.

See Wikipedia

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