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I used the tool here: (I'm using Mailenable on a Windows Server machine) for and I get

FAIL, Unable to determine name servers for this domain. This may be because the domain is not registered. Please see for more information on this domain.

What do I do next? And could this have something to do with email bouncebacks I'm receiving with 554 bad reputation messages?

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Have you setup Reverse DNS on your server? Many email providers will drop you email if you do not have a reverse pointer. YOu might have to contact your ISP to setup this.

wikipedia explains this quite well.

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as well as reverse dns, also look at setting up an SPF record to fix your mail-bounceproblem: – BoyMars Sep 15 '10 at 7:33

It may be the case that you basically only have one name server for your domain. IN A IN A

Both are on the same IP, so it may be recognized as only one name server, which could cause some issues as at least two name servers are typically expected.

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