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This is something I'm trying to find a solution to for a couple of weeks now.

I have a folder on my server which I'd like to share with my partners overseas but I have a very specific demands from it

-all partners should have access to view the main folder.

-each partner should have access to edit/upload files on their folder (which is inside the main folder)

-preferably a search function

so far- fairly easy to just use FTP (which I currently use) the problem started when I was asked to prevent an easy mass copy of files from the folder

I know it will always be possible to copy the files one by one if you can view them (or even mass copy with some specific tools or softwares) but a solution like that is totally fine

so I basically want an ftp folder or an online file-manager with good user permissions management which you cant copy its files as simply as copy and paste.

My current best solution is using "google apps docs" but its not user-friendly at all and the permissions doesn't work well over different domain names

I also looked up

  • http directory listing with custom modules (no upload feature)

  • dropbox and dropbox-like softwares

  • asp scripts for file-managing (couldnt find one with specific user permissions)

I have a windows server 2008 with IIS7 but this folder doesn't have to be on this server.

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There is, but I haven't tried it personnally and it's in french.

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