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When trying to use memcached in my php script, i get class not found. I am running LAMP on Ubuntu 9.01 and have so far taken the following few steps:

apt-get install memcached
pecl install Memcache
apache2ctl restart

I see the memcache extension when viewing phpinfo, but no memcached?!

Is there anything else that i need to do to be able to use memcached in my script? Thanks in advance

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Search for "memcache class not found" at Google yields Memcache Class Not Found thread with troubleshooting instructions:

Run php -i | grep memcache to ensure that PHP was compiled with the --enable-memcache option.

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apt-get install php5-memcache

another 3 minute hold... la la la la la la.... two robot checks... la la la la..... and another robot check.. whee....

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