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I'd like some tools for ubuntu that I can use to test my server, how much it can handle.

Any suggestions? I've used apache benchmark before, but I'd like to try out something else.

(As a side question, does apache benchmark work if I'm only using nginx?)

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ab only sends web requests, it doesn't care what the server is that it is testing. However, it only tests one page.

There is perfmeter, siege, httpload, jmeter and a number of others.

httpload is rather nice since you can feed it a series of URLs that will be tested.

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For convenience: Apache Bench, perfmeter, siege, http_load, jmeter –  Josh Diehl Aug 18 '12 at 5:03

ab is too slow for benchmarking nginx. I'd recommend wrk. You can easily build it from source.

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