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I'm having some terrible trouble with some GPO's. There are only three items we need:

  1. Map a network drive
  2. Copy an item to the local drive
  3. Create a desktop shortcut

I've created these GPO's and linked it in the OU 'SBSUsers'. On XP machines, this will apply no problems.

On Vista machines, however, despite GPRESULT /R telling me the items are applied; they're really not. There are no Events in the client logs I can see to tell me of an issue either, and the result wizard from the GPMC also indicates the objects are being applied.

Any advice?

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If you are using Group Policy Preferences then you need to make sure you have the client side extensions installed on the Vista machines.

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Thanks. After further testing this in combination with a drive letter assignation error was the cause. – pierre Sep 17 '10 at 11:57

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