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Say if I run some command in background:

./ > /dev/null &

and I close putty immediately (which is equivalent to disconnect current session right?).

Will the background process finish? Please advise, thanks.

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When you exit an interactive bash login shell, it sends a SIGHUP to all children unless the shell option huponexit is set to off.

When most userland processes receive a SIGHUP, they will exit.

You can also prefix the command with nohup to make it ignore the SIGHUP. Moreover, you can disown it using an internal bash function.

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If you want backgrounded tasks to persist, look into using screen

To create or reconnect to a screen session called 'myprocess' which will persist across sessions:

  • screen -DR myprocess

To list all screens:

  • screen -ls
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Yes it should. Apparently my answer was too short.

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The running script is still part of the shell process, even when sent to the background. Without specifying "nohup", the process will die w/ the shell on exit – Alex Sep 16 '10 at 22:57

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