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I am looking to remotely query a list of servers, to ensure they are "set up" correctly

One of the things I want to check is the Local Security Policy -> User Rights Assignment ->Deny Log on through terminal services

Is it possible to retrieve this information through through script? Using NTrights looks to almost get there, but that looks to set or revoke not list permissions.

Most servers I am interested in are Windows Server 2003. I am running PowerShell 2.0.

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The best recommendation I have right now is that you check out using WMI for this (see root\RSOP\computer namespace). Unfortunately all the times that this topic has come up, I never seem to have been able to find a solution to it. There's an old thread on MSDN from 2007 that was never answered either.

You can use SAPIEN WMI Explorer (link below), a free community tool, to browse the WMI namespace and see if what you're looking for is there. I don't believe it is, but you might find some other useful things there.

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