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For httperf with a wsesslog is there a way to repeat the activity in the script without wrapping it in a shell loop?

If I do httperf --wsesslog=20,0,foo.wsesslog I get 20 sessions that run through the script in the file. Is there a way I can have 20 sessions that run through the script X times?

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--num-calls seems to be ignored... – Kyle Brandt Sep 17 '10 at 18:50
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Per your comment: The source says that the first argument of --wsesslog overrides --num-calls. That makes sense. I'm not seeing the wsesslog generator source making any reference to the --num-calls parameter.

I don't see the program doing what you're looking for without modifications. The wsesslog generator exits when the number of session is generates is equal or greater to the first parameter of the wsesslog argument (with the exit signaled through a global variable... ewww!).

You're best off just wrapping it in a shell. While, in theory, you could probably hack a parameter onto the wsesslog argument and just execute core_loop() that many times. The core_loop() function isn't idempotent, though, so it's probably not that simple.

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"No" doesn't get more thorough than this :-) – Kyle Brandt Sep 24 '10 at 13:23

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