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Possible Duplicate:
port number of SQL Server

In SQL Server - What ports need to be opened on the firewall to get access

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By default, MS SQL Server doesn't have the TCP/IP protocol enabled. You have to open Sql Server Configuration Manager, enable the TCP/IP protocol, customize port if needed (default is 1433), and restart the service.

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Since you didn't specify much information, I'll go with the half-a-second Google route:

Leads to:

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Try to specify tcp/ip port 1433

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By default, TCP port 1433 is used.

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I think by default the SQL server instances run on port number 1433. But I think it can be configured to run on other ports too.

You can find on which port your sql instance is running by following this -

Using the GUI: In SQL Server 2005, you can use the SQL Server Configuration Manager. Look under SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration and look at the TCP port for the TCP/IP protocol.

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