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When working with the Server Manager window of Windows Server 2008, I am missing a feature/way to configure the initial values of:

  • The initial window size
  • The splitter width
  • The expanded nodes in the Server Manager tree (like "Roles" or "Configuration")

In Windows 2003 and in "normal" MMC applets, I could launch MMC with a special command line parameter to run in adjustment mode and later save all settings.

Unfortunately, all parameters I tried on "%SystemRoot%\system32\CompMgmtLauncher.exe" (which is the shortcut traget of the Server Manager), seems to have no effect.

My question:

Is there a way to configure the inital values for the Server Manager?


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Take a look at this:

Regards, Marcel

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Thank you! I am aware of that, I just whished that I did not have to manually "rebuild" the Server Manager, but tell the existing Server Manager its initial values. – Uwe Keim Sep 20 '10 at 11:22

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