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I need to give administrative privileges to a group of user for a group of a PC in an Active Directory Enviroment.

For Example i have :

  • HelpDesk_User : Group of user
  • HelpDesk_PC : Group of Computer

I want to give at each member of HelpDesk_User group local administrator priviledges on each computer member of HelpDesk_PC. Can i do this throgh Group policy ? How ?

At the moment i add manually HelpDesk_User group(or each member of this group) to local administrator group for each computer, Is there a way to do it through centralized AD group policy ?


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Yes, you're after Restricted Groups.

  1. Create a new GPO for the OU of your workstations.
  2. Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Restricted Groups
  3. Right click, Add Group
  4. Choose your group for users who are going to be local workstation admins
  5. This group is a member of -> Add, and enter Administrators

Exit out of the GPO, and run gpupdate /force on the workstations to pick up the new GPO. Check in the local users/groups to see if your admins group is in the local administrators group.

See here for more pics:

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You left out a hugely important bit of information re: Restricted Groups... This GPO setting will OVERWRITE the group it applies to. You need to add EVERY user/group that you want to be a member of the local "Administrators" group. – Ryan Fisher Oct 26 '10 at 19:23

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