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I can RDC to a remote server over VPN, but ping requests time out. It's Windows 2008 R2, is this a new security feature?

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What VPN software are you using? – Brian Knoblauch Sep 20 '10 at 12:10
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Create a firewall rule allowing ICMP from your VPN to your inside network.

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Actually alolow it. Simple switch with normal firewall, a rule under FILE AND PRINTER rules (!) in the adcvanced firewall. off by default. First rule I did put into Group Policies - turn that ON and allow ICMP. – TomTom Sep 20 '10 at 18:40

Depending on the combination of the VPN being used, its configuration as well as possible corresponding configurations behind the VPN server/client, that might be "normal" or configured behavior.

Has ping/ICMP worked with the subject configuration in the past?

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Did you check your firewall settings?

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