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This may not be the place for this question but I am sure several people have some good insight to it. I am a LAMP developer and have recently been given the task of porting a clients existing Cold Fusion site to another hosting company. I would like to set this up on a Dedicated Virtual server preferably with Plesk / Parallels installed. I was wondering if anyone here has had experience with Cold Fusion and if they know a good reliable host for Cold Fusion. I really want to make the correct decision on this as my experience with CF is minimal at best. Any and all recommendations are appreciated.

Thank you all in advance,



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+1 for CrystalTech – Justin Scott Sep 29 '10 at 21:21

I've been through countless CF hosting companies over the years - currently I'd highly recommend


Also don't be mistaken by the Plesk Add-On which says it provides ColdFusion, it provides the ability to have ColdFusion integrated into Plesk, you still have to buy the license. HostNexus provides Linux ColdFusion hosting at a reasonable price.


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