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I have corrected my httpd config file after that I could able succeed the LDAP authentication

Now I am trying to checkout the files using the following code

SvnClient client = new SvnClient();
SvnCheckOutArgs coArgs = new SvnCheckOutArgs();
bool isCheckedOut = client.CheckOut("", workingCopy, coArgs);

I am getting the following error OPTIONS of '': 200 OK (

Please help me

Thanks in Advance Kathiravan

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Why are you doing this in a high-level language? (what is that? .NET?) If it's laziness (remember, it's a virtue...) so that you don't have to type in the whole command, why not just do a batch script (.bat/cmd or *nix shell)?

Besides, you're getting a return code of 200, and since that's a web server (http...), the "200 OK" is a good thing.

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