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Is there a way to resolve NIC service IDs (the GUID assigned to each hardware NIC) from the command line?

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If you mean the actual GUID that the machine has assigned to your nics, use netsh from the cmd line (you may need to start the Wired AutoConfig and/or WLAN AutoConfig services first).

For wired NICs:

netsh lan show interfaces

And for wireless NICs:

netsh wlan show interfaces

The output will include the GUIDs of each network interface.

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yes, I mean the GUID, service ID was not my terminology. ;) – paxos1977 Oct 14 '10 at 5:54

I assume you're referring to MAC addresses?

If so, the arp command is your friend. arp -a will show all the addresses your OS knows about. arp -a <IP> will display just the MAC address of a specific host. If you don't have a GUID on a specific host, pinging them should pick it up. That being said, this will only work on hosts on the local network. Packets sent to/from external networks will utilize the MAC address of the local gateway.

--Christopher Karel

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